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Lateral thinkers, thrill-seeking daredevils, happy campers, hopeless dreamers, entrepreneurial spirits, midnight oil burners, curious problem solvers, status quo-phobes, got some serious talents to show off and genuinely wants to make the world a better place? You are at the right place.


Our mission is to change the way people experience fashion and life, to enforce the beauty within and providing them an opportunity to uplift the humanity, making the world a better place - and you can be part of this revolutionary movement. As a start-up brand, we believe the power of collaboration can change the future. We are constantly in the look out for interns / writers / bloggers / brands / events / non-profit to collaborate with. 


Writer / Blogger contribution call:

Writing is a personal creative outlet so we want you to have the complete creative freedom to write anything, as long as the content aligns with our audience, we will publish it and promote it for you. Please email us to request a detail target audience summary.

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What to write?

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Internship - Part time (remote)

Graduates hoping to bring their skills into the real world. We can provide internship opportunities for the following expertise: 


If you feel that you can align with The Rushing Hour persona, you are passionate and want to be part of a brand with great belief. Please Introduce yourself here, we would love to hear from you and see where our collaboration will take us. Let's take a ride together to make a dent in the industry.